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Search Engine Optimisation is a process that affects the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages SERPs. SEO is designed to increase the volume of inbound traffic or the number of visitors to a website by promoting the awareness of the webpage among online users by elevating it search engine ranking. Google does not release an SEO Guide that explains how to perform best practice SEO for one very simple reason. Therefore, it is in the best interest of Google to make SEO as difficult as possible so that users will default to their paid revenue system of AdWords.

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As of 2019, Google uses more than 200 ranking factors in their algorithm to determine the order in which results are shown. Generally speaking, these can be broken into two key categories. On-page ranking factors these include optimisation which is performed on your website to improve organic search rankings. And off-page SEO Company which includes things which happen off your website that will impact the way that your site appears in organic results pages.

Types of SEO

Most SEO tactics will fall into one of two very distinct categories. Abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines white hat SEO and those that do not black hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques are those that adhere to the best practices and guidelines of search engines not just Google search. White hat SEO is implemented with the end user in mind. Keeping in line with Google’s core value of delivering a good experience for their users, websites that use white hat SEO techniques aim to deliver the best possible user experience without manipulating them into visiting their website. Black hat SEO techniques, by nature, attempt to ‘outsmart the algorithm’ by creating content and links that mislead the user into visiting a webpage. Black hat SEO is designed to improve the site ranking through the use of deceptive methods bypass the rules. Recent algorithm updates such as Google’s Panda update have made it increasingly difficult for shady SEO tactics to deliver the immediate growth that they once generated. Google updates it is algorithm more than 500 times per year in order to maintain a well-balanced and up to date search experience.

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Depending on the goals and scale of the website, webmasters can always hire a SEO professional, SEO consultant or dedicated SEO agency to help them develop and implement an SEO strategy. SEO is not set and forget it requires constant work and upkeep. The higher you get in the search engine results, the more of a target you become for your competitor.  SEO can be daunting for new and experienced website and business owners. There are countless guides, tools and online information that are worth reading in order to gain a base-level understanding of how SEO can impact your business. Understanding and implementing effective SEO is not rocket science, but it does require a lot of time, effort and commitment.